How To Cure a Broken Heart

love hurts

If your heart is broken, it still beats. Trust me, I know. If you break your finger, it heals, right? Same as a heart. If it is played on, trashed or just missing, it will heal. But, for the future, never date someone who treats you like you’re ordinary. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. And that is what is going to happen to you. Read these tips to find out how!

1.     Eat lots of ice cream. It always makes you feel better. Watch movies, an old-time favourite, or something you love. It doesn’t have to be romance, it can be comedy, horror, cartoons. But it does have to be ice cream!!!!!


2.     Avoid this idiot. You need time to figure out what you want, and space is needed to heal the relationship. Take a break from your boyfriend or girlfriend; stop texting, stop talking; block them from your life. This may sound mean, but it does help. A great way to forget about them is to party!

3.     Let the tears come. Many people smash, break or burn their partner’s clothes or things. I don’t think this will help as you could regret it. Get a friend, or yourself if you really want, to send them back or donate them to charity.

sky cry

4.     Also laugh!!! Laughter heals on many levels, and so does crying. It is always best to laugh with someone close, but laugh yourself away the pain. Don’t force the laughter though. It feels better when it comes naturally.

5.     Don’t block out people who love you. Your friends, your family, they have done nothing wrong. Let them stay by your side, and they will show them how to live life single.

6.     Continue your life normally. This may seem hard, but if you have a passion or a hobby, focus on that. This can help you relax and focus on the present, instead of being upset about memories about your past.

7.     Don’t hold these feelings up. If you don’t want to talk to your friends or family about them, right them down in a diary, or a journal. This is private, don’t worry, and you can soon forget about it as it’s out on a page, not your mind.


8.     Do not, do not, do not, do not, turn to alcohol or drugs because you are feeling depressed. This behaviours can and will only cause more damage to you, and those around you. You can always get threw a problem.

9.     Get a pet if needed!! Pets are awesome in a sad time, especially dogs. A lot of animals are great listeners, and they are always there to help! Take a quiz to see which animal suits you best.

10.Allow some fantasizing. List your strengths or create new ones. Think about your life, your dreams, and your hopes. If you tell yourself not to think of a certain person, you will most likely think of them.



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