I Know… I Do This, Too!

10 Weird and Funny Things (That Everyone Does!)

1) Switching to the cold side of the pillow

Sometimes, you’re lying in bed and start to get hot, especially your head, and maybe your ears too. So, what do you do? Switch to the cold side of the pillow! Obviously, not everyone in the whole entire world does this but if you are one of those out there that does it, join the squad!

cold pillow

2) Going somewhere for a reason and, when you get there forgetting the reason

You may not know this, but, if you do this, it’s not just you: everyone does this. For example, you might be going up to your room to go and get something, but end up reading your favourite books (you know, just because), or, more likely, as soon as you got into your room… YOU FORGOT WHAT YOU WENT UP TO GET!


3) Spreading glue all over your hands and waiting for it to dry just so you can pick it off

If there is one person in the world that doesn’t do this, I will be utterly astonished! It’s just so satisfying! That feeling when you can get rid of that uncomfortable glue, it’s just amazing! If you don’t do it: 1) you are a complete weirdo (sorry) and 2) you MUST try it! It sounds weird but trust me!

4) Sniffing your hands after you have shaken someone’s hand

Right now, I bet you’re thinking, ‘that’s not true, I never do that!’ You actually are quite wrong! Most people do this without realising, it’s weird… but true!!! You may not do this every time you shake a hand, but I am almost certain. And, if you are thinking of proving it, you will probably think you have proved me wrong. This is because, when you think about it, your brain will tell you not to do it.

5) In autumn, going out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf/leaves

This can be considered a childish thing, even though, no matter how old you are it is ridiculously fun. That deep crunch can satisfy you for the whole of the day and that is why everyone does it!


6) Pretending to hear what someone has said when you haven’t heard it multiple times

This happens mainly at discos, parties, or just generally loud gatherings. You first don’t hear the question so you ask for the person to repeat it. Some people ask to repeat multiple more times but, once you feel like it’s time to give up, you try and mirror their facial expressions to pretend that you have heard.

7) Running into bed after turning the light off

There can be many reasons for this to happen: you may have a phobia of ghosts, zombies etc, or you may just get a bit scared of the dark. Even if you don’t, as you are not used to the dark, your brain can send signals to your body to run into bed as you do not know what your surroundings are.

8) Avoiding someone you know in public

Usually, when you’re out in public, you don’t expect to see anyone that you know, unless you have planned some sort of meet-up. As seeing someone in public can be quite embarrassing and awkward, you’d want to avoid them, right? This is why you avoid people in public!


9) Getting distracted while cleaning

Well, this one is simple: CLEANING. IS. BORING! So, when you are going through some clutter, you may find something that you haven’t come across in years. A notebook, a diary perhaps, and you get glued to the book until… until… the cleaning escapes from your mind!

10) Having amazing ideas in the shower but forgetting when you get out

Last, but absolutely not least, is having amazing ideas in the shower but forgetting them when you’re out. It’s a good one but kind of sad at the same time. You may think of way to prevent global warming from occurring, you could invent a cure for cancer etc, but, unfortunately, a few minutes later, you are quite likely to forget your life-changing idea, simply because it happens to everyone!

Right now you are probably thinking, why the shower? Well, here’s a scientific explanation: shower thoughts.


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