Doki Doki Literature Club: Review

doki doki

Doki Doki Literature Club is a horror game made by Dan Salvato. It is a 13+ game and SHOULD NOT be played by those who are easily disturbed. You have been warned…

It may look immensely cutesy, but this game has caused suicides, or people who play the game and ignore the warnings remaining anti-social and staying inside. In short, people change when they play this game and don’t heed the warnings. Even the downloading page gives away nothing of the game’s true programming, as it the key part of the game’s events are supposed to be seen as merely ‘some glitch in the system’ – it becomes an, oddly, immersive computer game.

In the first few months of Doki Doki being out for the public, Team Salvato, the creators, received terrified enquiries on Twitter and Facebook about what was happening and the sudden turn in the events. I will not spoil the game, but YouTubers, like Bijuu Mike and Markiplier, have posted videos about the game. Bijuu Mike has a lot more Doki Doki videos than Markiplier, so I’d recommend seeing his channel: also Markiplier has stronger, more adult language whereas Bijuu Mike is more family-friendly.

doki 2

The game seems to be an average dating game, where the protagonist finds himself in the company of four stunningly gorgeous girls, and the aim is to date one.

There are three options, as the fourth girl is ‘out of your league’: Sayori, the clumsy, adorable childhood friend who is very sweet; Natsuki, a classic tsundere who adores manga and baking; Yuri, a timid and shy, yet especially smart and gentle girl.

They are all in this literature club that you have joined, along with Monika, the Club President.

doki 3

The girls in the game start to change, however, like something has changed in the programming. Soon you find that all the girls have changed, but not for the better. Even the protagonist, programmed against this, is perceived to be “glitching out”.

doki 4

Finally, the game turns to the true reason of its horror, as all the girls but one manage to die or vanish completely. It is around this point that even huge horror fans start to feel terrified… the impact that the game creates is gigantic.

doki 5

This game has inspired, however, so many other programmers to make ‘After Story’ mods, or a game series from one of the girls’ point of view, like ‘Doki Doki Rainclouds’, and even series where you are destined for one of the girls, the most famous being ‘Doki Doki Exit Music’ which stars around the protagonist and Natsuki, while containing actual Doki Doki game play.

This is a free game, but you can donate (only in dollars). In many conventions, Doki Doki stores have popped up everywhere. I’d recommend it strongly, but only if you take the warnings seriously, and do not try to cheat out on the rules. They are there for your safety!

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