House on the Hill

house on the hill

Shadows clawed the ground; their malleable and extensible limbs became writhing messes across the ash-littered undergrowth next to the house on the hill.

Far, far above the shadows, the puppet master plays his cruel game as he governs the malicious deeds of his minions.

As I am, being the courageous, daring explorer, I venture forwards into the puppet master’s playhouse. While taking my second step into the house, my mediocre senses crumble and I lose myself in this abhorrent asylum created by a madman.

Walking forward into the empty black pit of resentment, this indomitable game persisted: I, the subordinate, was dragged into the realm of the dominant being… the puppet master’s powers were stronger than I’d thought.

Being the subordinate being, I am unable to eradicate this god’s strength and dominance;  I have no choice but to stumble and scurry forward into the unknown…

The puppet masters cruel words ring…





Time is nearly up!”

And with those words, a chill spread down my spine, tingling gently.

Then silence came: deathly, forgiving, merciful silence that filled the room with the sound of nothing. But the sweet sense of death is not granted and with my limited human consciousness, I just could not fight his power and I could not stop.

Inside this realm of a primordial, tenacious and unyielding being, everything was just wrong: the walls, the floor, all wrong! They bent and stretched and twisted and turned in peculiar and abnormal ways, so strongly that my brain just couldn’t process anything.

Then, I snapped, and death was granted quick and painless and it is heavenly.

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