5 Ways to Save the Planet

Save Water
There are many ways to save water. A few ways are to have shorter showers and turn the tap off when you brush your teeth. Another benefit to doing this is you can save money by cutting down the water bills. The reason cutting down this precious resource is because it helps the planet is because your diverting less water from streams, rivers and oceans which helps to keep the planet healthy. 

Leave Your Car at Home! 
Did you know if you leave your car at home for just two days a week, you can save an average of 721 kilograms of greenhouse gases. Take the public transport or cycle instead! If you do cycle, you’ll also receive health benefits as well as a bonus! 

save walkUse Less Plastic and Recycle 
Avoid one-use-plastics such as: plastic cups, ready meals are covered in the stuff. This eventually goes to landfill where there are probability diseases can breed and after landfilling it often goes into the ocean and if you’ve seen Blue Planet 2 you’ll know how much of a problem that is. At school it isn’t always clear enough where the recycling bins are and to help recycle as much as possible at home click here to go to the Eastleigh council website and see what you can do to help.

Freedom Island Waste Clean-up and Brand Audit in the Philippines

Adjust the Temperature
Did you know turning down the temperature just one degree can knock off 10% of your yearly bill. Plus, you are saving energy and therefore helping the planet. I think I’d rather wear a jumper!

Buy a Travel Mug 
Having a travel mug can help the environment by not using plastic every time you get a coffee or tea but can also keep your drink warmer for longer. Another bonus Costa even give a discount if you use one!  

save mug

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