Top 5 things at CES 2020 

By Alex Marritt


It was certainly an interesting year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Phone company OnePlus made a piano, Sony made a car, and TVs now rotate. That’s cool! 

 1. Sony made a car! 

This isn’t Sony’s first entry into the motoring industry; it already makes car stereos, hardware needed for basic self-driving capabilities and much moreIt’s electric and the design looks as if it’s out of a sci-fi film! The car, instead of traditional mirrors, has wing cameras. Sony’s car is fast too, with a 0-62 time of 4.6 seconds. That’s just as fast as a Porsche Boxster GTS! On the inside, it has a panoramic screen bigger than a Tesla!  

2. Samsung selfie-type 

The idea behind the selfie-type is instead of typing on a small phone screen, you can type on an imaginary keyboard! All you need to do is prop your phone up, and type as if you were using a normal keyboard. The only catch is you have to use a touch type method. Although once you’ve learned that, this could be incredibly useful if you want to send an e-mail or do some homework on the go!   

 3. Intels folding laptop 

Most laptops fold, however most laptops are not all-screen. Intel are calling it the Horseshoe bend and it has a huge 17.3 inch screen. When unfolded it acts like an enormous tablet, but when folded it looks just as spectacular. Plus, it will be a fast laptop as it has the latest Intel core.  

4. One Plus stand 

The main thing phone manufacturer One Plus was proudly showing off was the OnePlus McLaren phone. Yes, supercar manufacturer McLaren has partnered with OnePlus to make a phone. The phone is based on the OnePlus 7t Pro but the concept at CES had orange leather with stitching and disappearing cameras. Yes, a disappearing camera. They work using the electrochromatic glass found in McLaren sunroofs. In the car, the glass can go so dark you can’t see the outside world. On the phone, this means you can’t see the cameras 

OnePlus also brought a piano to CES! The keys were made out of OnePlus phones. 

 5. Samsung Sera rotating TV 

This TV completely mirrors your phone (Apple or Android). When you turn your phone vertically – the TV turns verticalPlus, it works with all apps! I think this will be very useful in a world where people may prefer to look at Instagram or YouTube instead of live television and many manufacturers will follow, making rotating TVs the norm.  


I think this has been an interesting year at CES. Never before has Sony made a car or have we been able to touch type without a physical keyboard. I’ve certainly never seen a rotating TV before! The future of technology is exciting and I can’t wait to see what this decade will show us.  


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