Parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5km run, walk or jog. Parkrun events are in over 20 countries and more will have Parkruns soon! From Thornden, our closest Parkruns include Southampton, Eastleigh and Winchester. Parkrun supports all abilities and is a great way to find a new hobby. Everyone there is supportive, and it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or how fast you do Parkrun. What matters is taking part.  

How to join 

To join Parkrun, all you must do is: fill in this form (click here); print off your barcodes; find your local Parkrun and you’re good to go. Once at the Parkrun, you will need to go to the first timer’s bit. There’s normally someone calling “First Timers!” 

Eastleigh Parkrun 

Eastleigh Parkrun is the closest Parkrun to Thornden. It’s run at Fleming Park Old Golf Course in Eastleigh. It is run on grass and is often very muddy. However, that’s only some of the year! The course is mostly flat except for a tiring hill but that’s not a problem as you can go fast when going down the hill! This is where I normally Parkrun as it may not be the fastest Parkrun but it feels like a buzzing, happy community. 

Southampton Parkrun 

If you would prefer to stay on pavement or would like a fast time, Southampton Parkrun is the place for you! The course regularly changes, so there will often be something new. Southampton Parkrun averages around 1,300 people so it may be crowded. 

Romsey Parkrun 

Romsey parkrun is a flat parkrun without paths. This means it gets muddy. It is also is the smallest around here, so it may be what you prefer. Romsey Parkrun is at Mountbatten school. 

These are Thornden’s local Parkruns and the ones I regularly go to. Parkrun is a great place to go and I hope you start going to one too! I would definitely recommend it! 

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