Top 5 things at CES 2020 

By Alex Marritt   It was certainly an interesting year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Phone company OnePlus made a piano, Sony made a car, and TVs now rotate. That’s cool!   1. Sony made a car!  This isn’t Sony’s first entry into the motoring industry; it already makes car stereos, hardware needed for basic self-driving capabilities and much more. It’s … More Top 5 things at CES 2020 

The Corridor

by Lorna Woodward   Thump, thump. All I could hear was my heart pounding in my chest. Other than that, all I could hear was silence. A gaping, deafening silence. I should really have been in my English lesson, but I missed my old teacher and couldn’t face a lesson without her. I knew that … More The Corridor

Sworn Enemies

Blood was oozing out of the cracks in their skulls. Pieces lay on the ground, framing what was left. Their skin was a sea of purple. The bruises spread quickly around their bodies, almost infecting it like a disease. But, underneath, they were stone white. Gashes and lacerations littered their bodies, chunks had been ripped … More Sworn Enemies

House on the Hill

Shadows clawed the ground; their malleable and extensible limbs became writhing messes across the ash-littered undergrowth next to the house on the hill. Far, far above the shadows, the puppet master plays his cruel game as he governs the malicious deeds of his minions. As I am, being the courageous, daring explorer, I venture forwards … More House on the Hill