Parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5km run, walk or jog. Parkrun events are in over 20 countries and more will have Parkruns soon! From Thornden, our closest Parkruns include Southampton, Eastleigh and Winchester. Parkrun supports all abilities and is a great way to find a new hobby. Everyone there is supportive, and it doesn’t … More Parkrun

Top 5 things at CES 2020 

By Alex Marritt   It was certainly an interesting year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Phone company OnePlus made a piano, Sony made a car, and TVs now rotate. That’s cool!   1. Sony made a car!  This isn’t Sony’s first entry into the motoring industry; it already makes car stereos, hardware needed for basic self-driving capabilities and much more. It’s … More Top 5 things at CES 2020 

The World’s Fastest?

There’s a new “world’s fastest car…” It’s called the Jesko and it’s the latest car from Koenigsegg. It can theoretically go 300mph and it will set you back £3.5 million.   Its fuel-guzzling twin-turbo, 5.0 litre V8 has 1600bhp when you run this mad, hyper-car on racing petrol. (Sorry, if you use normal fuel it only … More The World’s Fastest?

What’s the Point?

Now, in a teenager’s life social media is ubiquitous; a constant harassment on their lives, with messages and pictures bringing them to a state of tears for pointless, meaningless junk. Why endure the trauma of social media? The most received response is ‘I can communicate with my friends.’ Really? Is that enough of a reason? … More What’s the Point?