The World’s Fastest?

There’s a new “world’s fastest car…” It’s called the Jesko and it’s the latest car from Koenigsegg. It can theoretically go 300mph and it will set you back £3.5 million.   Its fuel-guzzling twin-turbo, 5.0 litre V8 has 1600bhp when you run this mad, hyper-car on racing petrol. (Sorry, if you use normal fuel it only … More The World’s Fastest?


Swimming is a sport which uses all your muscles in water. There are loads of tricks and skills in swimming which can be taught to others easily. There are some for beginners and experts. You can do it for fun, sport or even saving lives! First there’s holding your breath underwater; this is one of … More Swimming

Southgate Stays

Gareth Southgate has signed a new four-year contract to stay on as England manager through to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. His assistant, Steve Holland, has also agreed a new deal as reward for England reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup in Russia last summer, and the improvement of the nation’s fortunes. Southgate’s … More Southgate Stays

Who is going to be the 2020 Olympics’ mascot?

In 3 years’ time, the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo (that is the capital of Japan). But, the dilemma they are having is… which mascots should host the Olympics?? Altogether, there are 6 mascots to be chosen from: a cat, a dog, a racoon and an assortment of anime-inspired characters. Children all around … More Who is going to be the 2020 Olympics’ mascot?