We Will Remember

5… This was it. The end of everything I knew. 4… My legs were running faster than I thought they went. I needed to get under cover no matter how far away I was. 3… The whole country was in danger and it was down to me to protect the country. 2… I suddenly saw … More We Will Remember

Love At First Sight

It was time. The time was exactly 5pm. I was wearing a beautiful, blush-pink dress with pure white high heels. This night was going to be amazing and very romantic! The tyres screeched as they pulled up outside my house. Here we go. This is going to be the moment I will NEVER forget… ‘’Hey … More Love At First Sight


Pain flooded through my body as blood swept from my stomach. Head throbbing, my sight was disoriented as I went running down the corridor: spinning, spinning, spinning and into the darker light. The once neat hair scratched my eyelids, causing them to bleed, bathing me in a scarlet light. Crying out for help, the still … More Injuries


I had nowhere. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere, no one, no way. I was trapped, circled by armed police, my life was over. “You’re under arrest!” I heard amongst all the ringing in my head. All I could see was a blur of blue flashing lights. “Put your hands up!” I hesitantly raised … More Nowhere


My tears are welling up inside me. But, I can’t cry. I’m not a baby. I’m in a classroom. In secondary. I feel like crying. But I can’t. I stare up at the sky outside, wishing I wasn’t here. I look down at the floor, praying, but it doesn’t swallow me up. Of course it … More Love

Maybe If – A Gothic Tale

Thump. Thump. Thump. My heart, a lion, continuously thumped against its cage, large beads of sweat, like tears, rolled down my deathly pale face. I clenched my moist hand so hard that my fingernails, that were grubby from searching around the house, began to leave small dents. I knew exactly what was there, around the … More Maybe If – A Gothic Tale