The Trap

Space: a wonderful thing. Too bad we’re ruining it every time we explore this wonderland. Imagine this: you have to do an important assignment involving the internet and your internet suddenly just dies. The stupid page just keeps on going: “No Internet Connection.” You play on the dinosaur game for a bit, then get bored. … More The Trap

Win or Die

With each bullet I fired, I felt something. I’m not sure what it was, but it was something. Had I stopped for a moment to consider the awfulness of war, I can’t say I would have made it home at all. Every death of each man I witnessed, a pain filmed my entire body. I … More Win or Die

A New Chapter

My heart sank. I could not believe that it was actually happening. All the horrible emotions swirled around in my head. The only word that I could hear, over and over and over, was DIVORCE. DIVORCE. It was like a bullet shooting through my head. I was scared. What was going to happen? My hands … More A New Chapter


Sometimes, Just sometimes, You catch a glimpse of a boy and he stays in your mind the rest of the day. He isn’t obviously good-looking: maybe his brown hair isn’t in that ‘gorgeous’ haircut, maybe his face is a little weird shaped. But he stays in your mind. Sure, you’ve seen better looking, maybe you … More Perhaps

It’s Not My Fault!

I find it irritating when I’m told “stop being such a teenager” and according to new scientific discoveries this is utterly unfair and certainly not my fault! When the word teenager is mentioned you probably think of stroppy, lazy, risk-taking, late nights and lie-ins. And to a certain extent, it’s true. For example, the number … More It’s Not My Fault!