The World’s Fastest?

There’s a new “world’s fastest car…” It’s called the Jesko and it’s the latest car from Koenigsegg. It can theoretically go 300mph and it will set you back £3.5 million.   Its fuel-guzzling twin-turbo, 5.0 litre V8 has 1600bhp when you run this mad, hyper-car on racing petrol. (Sorry, if you use normal fuel it only … More The World’s Fastest?

The Agera RS breaking 5 new speed records

On the 4th of November the Koenigsegg Agera RS broke five different records for a production car. It now holds a series of new records: the fastest top speed for a production car; fastest 0-249mph-0; fastest 0-249mph; fastest flying mile; and fastest flying kilometre (a flying mile and kilometre is the average speed for whichever … More The Agera RS breaking 5 new speed records